Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Communication Plan

In my business, communication means everything. You are either responding to or creating important communications. Regardless of your industry, being able to communicate is important.

Someone sent in a question asking about the main components to a good communication plan. Well, first there are two types of communication plans, external and internal. Do you have either one? You do need both.

Your external communication plan is all written collateral that you don’t mind sharing with the public or the media. The internal communications plan is more tricky. This is what you need to communicate amongst your staff and supporters.

To create a great internal communications plan, develop these statements;

Company mission

Crisis communications chart

What you are willing to talk publicly about and what you will not comment on

Your social media goals and topics for the next three months

What press releases are needed

Start with these components and then move forward. I promise, this will help you develop a great communications plan.

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