Monday, February 24, 2014

When You Yell At Employees.

It happens. We, as leaders, tend to get passionate about our companies. We will snap on our employees from time to time. Regardless if it is warranted or not, it isn’t nice. If you want to recover from being mean, stressed or really upset about a failure on your staff’s part- consider the following steps;

1. Walk away. It sounds simple, it’s not. If you are upset the hardest thing you can do is teach yourself to calmly walk away after saying something you may have regretted. Make sure you work at this as it will save you from embarrassment and a lawsuit.

2. Listen to your mentors. If you explode on employees, call a friend in your industry right away. This will help you obtain a fresh perspective on not only your reaction but why you reacted in such away. The insight you will gain will help you realize the root of your anger and how to proactively move forward.

3. Don’t bring up the issue again at work. Let sleeping dogs lay in place and move forward. Revisiting the issue is embarrassing and will not accomplish anything. Instead, you move forward and be the example of how to move on from a bad day at the office.

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Twyla N. Garrett

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