Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Homeland Security and the Ukraine.

Today President Obama made a statement calling for the violence in the Ukraine to cease or we may have to intervene. While this is a scary thought, our Homeland Security Department has to address this very real, and every escalating, issue. So, what is going on with the Ukraine?

Well, the Ukraine remains divided around residents that want to remain Eastern and aligned with Russia. The other side of the coin? Other residents want to venture into greater independence from Russia and thus into Western civilization. There is a virtual tug-of-war between Russia, Brussels and Germany directly relating to exclusive economic and political union of border states. The fight is an issue of topography and finance. It is also a cultural issue. Many people believe Ukraine and Russians to be one in the same- the truth is they are not!

Russian President Vladimir Putin has interjected that the West should stay completely out and about from meddling with the internal politics of Ukraine; which only adds fuel on the fire related to President Obama’s words today. The trade deal that Ukraine’s President Yanukovych signed with Putin before the riots started, puts the needed loans of a Ukrainian economy in shambles and allows for the Russian military base leases and geopolitical security interests to grow.

Ukraine splitting from the rest of Europe and Russia will depend on how the Russians will economically let go of the Ukraine versus an economic opportunity. The Russians make a massive monopoly on the 28 state EU natural gas supply and better trade opportunities in the Ukraine, and with money loaned and the border divide become more and more of a point of contention- I don’t see things getting better anytime soon!

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Twyla Garrett

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