Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sochi : The Mess Before the Olympics

I’m posting a photo below borrowed from NewsWeek’s recent blog post (today, actually) about Sochi, Russia. The photo of the brown water the reporter had come out of the hotel’s tap is below. The full story I read is here:

Here’s my issue with Sochi- and no, it has nothing to do with brown water, although that is pretty disgusting! Shaun White has already pulled out of the Olympics due to security concerns. Over 57% of Americans, according to a CNN poll, believe a terrorist attack will happen. And, despite the hotels’ diminished accommodations at human standard levels (water, really?) and the obvious security issues that have the hands of our FBI and CIA officials tied, we are still- as a country- excited to participate.

I love the Olympics as much as anyone else. However, there has to come appoint in time when we really look at how security is (or in this case, ins’t) being handled by our Russian counterparts for the games. Simple accommodations like shower or bath water aren’t available and we have professional athletes who are so concerned they are now boycotting the games. These reasons aren’t good for the morale of the games or the mindset of our concerned citizens.

I will be writing a blog during the Olympics with a more in-depth view point on what was done to establish security in somewhat volatile conditions and what we, as a country, could have done better when it comes to overall accommodations, communications and anything else related to this topic.

I have full faith in the DHS, CIA and FBI. Please don’t get me wrong on this point. It is how our needs are being met by the hosting country that has myself, Olympians, security officials and the media already present in Sochi concerned.

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Twyla N. Garrett

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