Monday, February 3, 2014

On the verge of success…. And then you quit.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have felt like packing things in. Life isn’t going to go the way we want it to. The same rule applies to business. We are going to have challenges as business owners. If you feel like packing it in tonight, don’t. Let me share some of my stress-busting secrets to help you feel re-inspired and motivated once again.

Don’t focus on what is going wrong. Instead, as hard as it seems, focus on how you are going to change what is going wrong into something that works. Put yourself in charge of innovation and start focusing on putting one foot forward and in front of the other foot.

Stay calm. Don’t become emotional about business issues. Not that our lives as business owners should be black and white and sterile, but because being emotional clouds our thinking and judgment. Remember, you don’t ever have to make a decision on the haste- so don’t. If there is a problem at hand, give yourself time to assess and then address it.

Seek help. There is no shame is asking for help. In fact, you will feel 200% better once you do obtain help. Taking on the world alone is a terrible position to be in for anyone. Take yourself out of this position by asking for help.

Until next time,

Twyla Garrett

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