Thursday, February 6, 2014

Over Thinking Your Branding Approach?

My company recently redid our website. Now, it is more functional and offers interaction. I didn’t realize how bad my former website was until we changed IME’s brand and feel to the version found here:

Working with our branding firm, I learned a few things about an approach to branding most marketing companies refuse to share. Considering your own brand imaging, take a peek at the following tips.

#1. Are you treating your website like a garage sale? If you said yes, you’re doing it right. Great garage sales put their big items up front so people driving by can see the most popular items. Knick knacks, clothes, baby items - these are all small end products people could use once they get of of the car and into your garage sale. However, the small end products usually don’t attract business from the street and people tend to just drive on by if they are put out front. So, know what it is that sells your company the most (service or product) and feature it all of the first page of your website and social media efforts.

#2. Do you have the basics? Do you have a specific font to use for all of your collateral? What about color codes? If you don’t have specifics and you’ve been “winging it” - you are harming your brands viability within today’s market. Sure, you’re not losing any money directly as a result of this misstep but you could be making so much more!

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Twyla N. Garrett

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  1. I always thought not 2 have a website so aggressive like myself but sd i reresd this blog i now know that i need to rearrange my yard sale. I have pics of projects on page 4 or 5 of my website and should have them on the 1st page. Thanks for letting me know to relaunch. I will keep u updated.


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