Friday, February 21, 2014

To work on the weekends or to not work on the weekends – that is the question!

There are many schools of thought when it comes to working on the weekend. Some people don't even have a choice, it is just a matter of fact. However, if you are a business owner for an executive you are prone to work on the weekend. The question becomes is it effective.

Why when it working on the weekends fee effective? Many studies suggest not being able to unplug and relax from your work can cause you to become spread too thin, stressed out, and eventually ineffective. While it is good to take vacation days and mental health days, business owners and executives feel that this is time lost and not spent effectively. Not working, for many business owners, is the equivalent to losing profit. We become obsessed with work.

It is my suggestion business owners strive to find a happy – medium when it comes to working on the weekend. You will have to work weekends, there is no getting around this fact. I don't suggest you work every weekend. It will wear you out, stress you out, and cause you to be ineffective.

It is my suggestion that you pick and choose the opportunities for working on the weekend when you can, and I understand this will not always be a point of choice. So, if you can't take it day here or there – regardless if it is a Saturday or Sunday – do so. It is beneficial to unplug when you are not at risk of losing profit or clients.

Until Monday,

Twyla Garrett

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