Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Homeland Security Expert Available to Talk Missing Boeing 777 Plane and Russia / Ukraine Crisis.

Homeland Security expert and author, Twyla Garrett, is well-versed in the areas of national security and international safety. Ms. Garrett is available to speak with all media outlets on the subjects of the Missing 777 Plane and/or the Russia / Ukraine crisis and what it means for the USA.

Twyla N. Garrett is the author of ‘Homeland Security ; A Comprehensive Guide for All’ and owns IME, a homeland securities firm. Ms. Garrett is reaching out to the national media as a valuable resource on the topics of homeland security, the missing Boeing 777 (Flight 370) plane and the stolen passports, as well as the Russia / Ukraine crisis and how it can impact USA relations with both countries and the world.

“There are some real concerns directly related to flight 370. If terrorism is suspected, and we have grounds to believe it is, then the flight being held at another location isn’t likely. Whomever took the plan, if this is what happened, didn’t care about their fingerprints being scanned. What is even more concerning is the process of the fingerprints being scanned but the rest of the security technologies not being up to par,” said Ms. Garrett.

Ms. Garrett has been interviewed by several media resources in the past and was featured by Dell for the securities and technological work being accomplished by IME using the Dell product. Additionally, Ms. Garrett pens a daily blog on the topic of business with Homeland Security being the featured topic each and every Wednesday. “I think I can offer a different perspective to the media when it comes to these topics because I am not an elected official. I don’t have to protect my job come next election. What I say and how I say is informative, honest and not influenced by special interests or an intent to run, or rerun, for office,” finished Garrett.

Twyla Garrett is an extraordinary entrepreneur, corporate speaker, and compelling author who has been personally invited to speak at The Whitehouse on the issues of creating jobs, economic growth and the controversial fiscal cliff of 2012. Garrett is known for her notable (sometimes 100% self-funded) business deals as much as she is known for providing excellent opportunities to individuals facing immense challenges. Twyla’s memoir will be published in 2013 and it will be followed by a series of “how-to” business books, starting with one based on Homeland Security. Currently, Twyla’s business blog and social media accounts furnish motivational quotes and an over-the-shoulder view of her unique perspective on profiting in business while helping others.

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