Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Face Your Fear; Know People

There really are two types of smart. There is street smart and there is book smart. The street smart people fear the book smart people and vice versa. Why? They each have something the other wants badly.

When people start their businesses, they often have a common fear regardless of what type of smart they are. What is this fear? People. Every single company needs people to power it. There is no disputing this fact. But how do you engage people to talk about your company, buy your products/services, or even work for you? Especially when you fear getting to know people or pitching to a cold room of investors?

First, start by people watching. There is no better tool to understand people better than watching and observing them over a period of time. If you are in Starbucks and you see a potential client, don’t approach him or her at first. Get to know them by listening in to their order, how other people approach that person or how he or she approaches other people. Really learn a lot about this person before uttering a single word. It will give you an advantage when you do get the courage up to by his or her coffee for them (and using their order).

Next, follow your heart. If something is scary exciting- run with it. Don’t back down from success because you fear people. It your heart is saying yes and your panic button is saying no- go with your heart’s inclination!

Finally, if you are not connecting with people to help improve your company, find new people. Think outside the box of your own expectations and face your fear. You may not like the people you end up catering to, but your company will be in business and you will like the profit line.

Until next time,

Twyla N. Garrett

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