Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rejected? Why It’s A Good Thing.

We can’t evolve as people or business owners if we aren’t growing. In fact, it is impossible to grow if mistakes aren’t made and failure doesn’t happen. So, how do you learn from rejection, failure and mistakes? I’m glad you asked!

The Who, Ben Stiller, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan … these are all people who were told they didn’t possess talent. They faced rejection in their lives. They made millions. Rejection is a daily habit in business. People will hate your price point, your product ideas, they may not like you as a person – regardless, you will hear ‘no’ ten times to Sunday. The key is to not let it distract you from moving forward. Most businesses don’t make it within the first five years. Several entertainers have 10-15 years of rejection behind them before they make it. Don’t quit your dream because you took rejection personally.

Rejection is also a good thing because it forces you to be better and learn from your weakness. If someone says ‘no’ don’t run away with your pride bruised. Instead, buy the person a cup of coffee or send an eCard via Starbucks and ask for their input as to why they said no. Sometimes you have no control over the reason, other times you can correct something about yourself. Think of rejection as an opportunity for perfection.

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Twyla N. Garrett

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