Monday, March 17, 2014

Winning. Marketing & You.

Here are some scary numbers…..

20% of all purchases are a result of Twitter.

91% of adults in the USA have a cell phone.

25% of companies use mobile ads.

Notice anything? How low is the mobile ad number?!. I never understood why some business owners put together and execute a half-hearted business campaign when it comes to marketing and PR services. Some people only hire a PR firm and rely on them to carry the load. Other people hire only an ad agency and rely on them to carry the load. You do need both as these two entities serve two different purposes!

My question to my readers this Monday is ‘Are your marketing and PR efforts in check?’ Well, are they? Are you investing money in PR? Are you getting the Google deep links from those press releases being distributed as often as possible? What about your ads? Are you paying for ads? If not why?

The numbers above show the potential for marketing and social media to work hand-in-hand and yet many people are not investing or executing a full campaign. Don’t short change yourself or your business. Need help? Contact me. I am willing to offer business conferences and one-on-one training as to how to accomplish this.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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