Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2 Simple Ways to Succeed!

We get caught up in our day-to-day routines. We start gaining a little success and then it stops. Instead of moving onward and upward, we move downward and lose ground. Why does this happen. Fundamentally business owners and CEOs can lose sight of two very important things in business, which can collapse any pending or current success.

Be Efficient is the first simple rule for success. If you offer a deadline to your client, meet it. There is nothing worse than getting a client all pumped up in a presentation and then disappointing them later because you failed to meet a deadline. Even if the presentation is the best in the world, it will not matter. Deadlines are important. Always make sure you meet them!

Be a pleasure to work with. If you are not pleasant you will lose customers and vendors. We all rely on vendors to help us get our work done and to service our customers. If you are not professional and kind, vendors will stray away and you will lose both customers and employees. Keeping people happy means your business is gaining a great reputation within your industry. People can test you, I know this. Chose to be polite and kind, even if you have to be firm.

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