Monday, March 18, 2013

Hiring Interns.

Hiring an intern can be a great thing. But where do you start and are they reliable? Interns can make you life great. However, you can come across a bad one every once in a while. I always advocate hiring an intern. Well, if you can call it "hiring." Interns can help companies grow- especially bootstrap businesses.

The word intern is usually synonymous with innovation. The reason is age. I hate to say it, but it is true. Interns are usually on the cutting edge of the latest apps and great shortcuts for existing software. Social media, computer programs, iPads – these are a piece of cake for young professionals. You can always learn more when it comes to social media and computer programs and interns usually provide free tips and tricks.

Free trial period. Most interns don't get paid. And, you never know how great an intern can be. Having an intern around your office is a win-win situation. He or she obtains college credit and real-life work experience. You get work done for free, fresh insight to your business and you might find a great employee!

Get those pending items knocked out. Interns should be doing more than just answering phones. Interns can help you get those dreaded tasks accomplished. Need to audit your client files to ensure all the documents are consistent? Have an intern do it. Sure you benefit, but the intern is learning the real-world and day-to-day items business owners and operators have to perform. Many college kids don't realize work isn't all lunches, gossip and playing marketing guru with social media accounts.

Have an intern can be a wonderful thing. I strongly recommend that you and your company consider it. You do have to be conscious of the The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)- so make sure you make yourself familiar with it. Here is a link.

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