Thursday, March 28, 2013

Types of Customers- Know them!

Do you know your customer? Do you REALLY know your customer. Knowing who you are selling your services or products too is crucial! You have to be aware of their perspective and cater to it. I've listed the types of customers below to help you reassess your selling strategies.

A. The Unwilling. This is the customer who knows he or she needs your services or products but isn't willing to spend the cash. So, they give your company a call, shake when they hear the price and convince themselves that they can do it better and spend no additional money. Here's why they call you back. They can't- and they know it. They've tried, they tested, they cut every corner to be cut. And, when all is said and done, the results are less than desirable. Be creative when trying to attract their initial business because, even though they will not purchase at first, they will come full circle.

B. The cynic. These customers are hard to keep happy. They've been burnt before. Through no fault of yours, you will pay the price for their prior horrible experiences. Figure out a way to maintain trust. This is the best way to transition a cynical customer to a happy customer.

C. Simple, direct and educated. Ahhh.... if only all of our customers could be these customers! Simple, direct and educated customers get it. They understand there is risk in all aspects of business but they also know they need services and to form relationships with vendors. So, they do there research, request a proposal and buy. These customers are an easy sell and great for repeat business and referrals if you can keep them happy!


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