Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Early Bird Gets The Worm.

Business owners are up at all hours. It becomes almost impossible for a business owner to wake up earlier than normal as a result. So, how can you get up earlier and still run around all day?

I try not to go on the computer after 9 p.m. I find if I do check email or social media accounts than I will be up later than I want to be responding or reading. It is a hard habit to break, but if you shut down the technology by 9 p.m.- chances are you will wake up earlier the next day.

Don't hit the snooze button. I hate snooze buttons. They are excuses. You can say your alarm went off at 6, but you know you didn't get up at 6 or 615! Buy an alarm that doesn't give you the option of a snooze button. A snooze button is like having cake in the fridge while on a diet.

Set aside 30 minutes to walk. This works. Plan on getting up an hour earlier each day to pack in 30 minutes of walking time- even if you are walking to grab a coffee and pastry. Walking gets the blood flowing and the creative juices moving. So, if you need to get up early, do so with a purpose!

Do you have tricks for waking up early? Please share them with me and I might share them on Twitter!


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