Saturday, March 2, 2013

Predict Your Failures.

Yes, you can predict failures in business. Ok, maybe not predict- but you can gauge if a business idea will be successful or not. How? Well, there are some very real tell-tale signs that your business isn't going to make it before you even open the doors.

If your business isn't getting a second round of meetings from an investor- it isn't going to go far. Investors like money, which is why they have so much of it. Investors really don't care about you the person or nerves during a presentations. Investor only care about making their money, plus a profit, back. If you have had several first meetings with different investors and no second meetings- you might have a business idea that is bound to fail.

Your friends aren't pitching your business idea. Yes, that's right. If you have friends who are boasting about random products/services they find online, but they will not pitch your idea or even share it on social media mediums- the idea might be a flop. Friends don't know how to tell friends that their business ideas are terrible. So, if you are seeing a friend put up kitten mittens from Pinterest on their Facebook account and your business products aren't share- rethink why that is.....

Lastly, if you don't believe in your business know that no one else will. I meet to many business people who don't really believe their business will make it. And, if you don't believe it then the idea is dead in the water. You have to believe in you in order to get that second investor meeting or have your friends buzzing about your business!

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