Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Keep Your Team Happy!

I know the benefits to keeping a happy team of employees. Small businesses and large corporations can provide some simple, and affordable, perks to help keep employees happy and productive.

I like the catered lunch. People love free food, especially employees. If you tend to have a problem with absenteeism on Fridays then I promise you something as simple as a catered lunch from Subway will change the statics. Employees love to feel appreciated. Not having them reach into their own pockets to buy lunch once a week or once a month is a great morale booster and helps promote ownership of their roles within your company.

Next, reward employees for their time spent giving back. If your company volunteers for a cause once a month, reward employees who participate with an extra day off the following month! It does work and this is a win-win situation for all involved. I also like to promote sleeping at work. I know what you are thinking but wait before you stop reading. There is evidence that cat naps throughout the day promote creativity and productivity. Provide a designated resting area for your employees. You might even consider playing zen-like music and adding a grapefruit scented oil infuser to help re-energize employees!

I know business owners like to get the biggest bang for their bucks. But, when you help employees feel appreciated and rejuvenated, your profit margin can go up- way up. So, invest in a few lunches and a special break room where sleeping is encouraged.

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