Saturday, March 9, 2013

Are you wasting precious time?

Are you always at work? Are you always behind? Chances are that you are at work more often than needed because you are wasting time in the office. It doesn't matter if you are a CEO, hourly employee or an intern- time wasting happens. So, how do you avoid it?

Shut off the Internet. Yes, the Internet at work will cause you to get behind on actual work. Most people do not need access to the Internet to perform 80% of their job tasks. So, if you are online chances are it is for personal reasons. Get off the internet and get to work.

Handling other people's business. Yes, sticking your nose in other people's business or problems will take away from your own job requirements. Even if you are a boss, there is a chance that you are dealing with other people's problems before handling your own business. Stop putting out potential fires or getting involved with politics. If someone is trying to drag you into a fight or a discussion about challenges- walk away. Tell the party to schedule it with you for a later date and return back to work.

Stop with the meetings. There are people out there who love meetings and discussions. This is a huge waste of time. You can schedule brief meetings but keep it brief. Reports, status updates, and the a like can all be reported, and quickly, through email.

Get control of your schedule to help keep the stress away from your workplace and life. If you cut back on the Internet use at work, walk away from the drama and request reports via email- you will free up your schedule.

Happy Saturday!


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