Monday, March 4, 2013

The best business operating systems.

I am using today's blog to list the best business operating systems available. I get this question often. I have three favorites. These are my opinions as a business owner. However, if you do have specific questions - follow me on Twitter and send a DM.

A. Linux is a generic term for Unix-like operating systems that are based on the Linux kernel. Linux is a free and open source collaboration, and when it's modified, it can be redistributed to anyone. Its popularity as an OS has been growing because of the rise of netbooks -- which typically come loaded with Linux or Windows XP -- and the Ubuntu distribution of the operating system.

B. Mac OS X v.10.5 is a Unix-based operating system. With each new version -- all named after big cats, with version 10.5 being dubbed Leopard -- Mac OS X has evolved away from a focus on backward compatibility with the earlier versions of Mac OS toward an emphasis on enhanced business applications like iWork, which was recently revamped for the small-business market.

C. Microsoft Windows XP is the Old Reliable of operating systems. It's been around almost a decade, and 81% of businesses continue to use it.

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