Monday, March 25, 2013

You're Not THAT Busy!

Many business owners who I know use being busy as an excuse NOT to take on more responsibility or review the inner-workings of their own companies. You can't ever be too busy to not know what is going on with your company or explore further options and opportunities. That is why I am listing some tips to fix your schedule and lure you away from the "busy" excuse.

Author Laura Vanderkam offers some great advice when it comes to saying, "I'm busy." She says one should replace the phrase with "It's not a priority." This actually works. Imagine stating "I'm not processing payroll today because it's not a priority," versus stating "I'm too busy to process payroll today." It does change the way we business owners consider our own actions, right?

I like to review my own expectations. I know I am up at six in the morning. I know I don't settle into bed until ten or eleven at night. So, how can I be THIS busy? Really addressing your schedule and how much you can get done in a day compared to how much you want to get done in a day is key. If you really abide by a schedule and understand you can accomplish the same thing in a short email instead of an hour long "brainstorming" meeting- you will cut down on your "busy" schedule, stress and nightly worries of what has to be done the following day.

Procrastination is not good for anyone, especially business owners! Take ownership as to why you are "busy" and what you are not accomplishing in day-to-day activities in order to fix the problem.

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