Friday, March 29, 2013

Why You Aren't Successful.

You're failing at life. You're failing in business. You're failing in love. Related? Probably not. A personality issue? Probably so! Failure is almost like having a character deficit. I've noticed several patterns in people who try, but fail, at business, life and even love. What are they? I'm glad you asked. I've listed the tell-tale signs of someone who secretly wants to fail below.

#1. The Must-Do But Never Does Type. We all know a person like this. While he or she is planning his or her next move, reading the latest trendy business book, spending hours in Starbucks researching business plans and strategies, and taking seminar after seminar- the rest of us our living. These people aren't born failures- they're just born without self-confidence. The world is passing them by as they are busy planning for something that they will never be able to do. Nike made a slogan for these people.... enough said.

#2. The Over-Zealous Leader. Yes, a leader can fail. Read you're history books! An over-zealous leader is like a puppy who befriends the next biggest and greatest opportunity. While seeking our opportunities is good, not sticking to your initial plan is bad. An over-zealous leader is so busy looking at a million things at once that his or her focus is not on the prize- thus they never achieve success!

#3. The Un-Involved. Business leaders who spend time on the golf course are failing. Business owners are usually too busy to think, take a bathroom break or complain about what their social lives are missing. If you're out on the golf course, taking two hour lunches or just trusting your employees to man your ship- your business (or in any case-life or love) will fail! Maybe not right away- but it eventually will fold like a deck of cards. To be successful you need to be involved.

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