Thursday, March 7, 2013

National Start a Business Month

March is National Start a Business Month. So, where do you start? Launching a business can be confusing and it will be stressful.

Things you need to ensure you are on the right path to starting a business;

1. A great concept. Don't start a business that someone else already has- that is unless you have a killer angle. If you have a Starbucks on the same corner you want to start a coffee shop- kill the idea. However, if you found a spot for your coffee shop that isn't within three miles of a Startbucks, consider moving forward. Know your competition and don't start out right under their noses.

2. Write your own business plan then have a professional rewrite it. Sure, you can hire someone like me to write your initial business plan. But why? Always write your plan first. This way you know your business inside and out. And you can fix any issues that come up while writing the plan. After you have composed the first draft, then you can hire a professional to make the business plan look pretty.

3. Know your resources. Where do you go once you have your idea and your business plan done? Below are links that you should start exploring to map out what steps you need to take locally and nationally to launch your business.

Have questions? Let me help you! Post your comment or question and I will respond.


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