Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Deaths Could've Been Prevented!

Black Friday comes every year. Thanksgiving happens every year. So why do we have tragedy after tragedy every year when it comes to the mass shopping crowds? Companies are willing to spend millions on a lawsuit but not thousands on emergency preparedness and, to me, this makes zero sense. As the owner of a company that specializes in disaster preparedness, it only makes sense that training for Black Friday 2013 should start now. Spending about $20k to implement a plan that can control crowds, discover scenarios that could prevent harm, and have a plan of action in case of an emergency shouldn't be an option, it should be mandatory. Companies loose millions of dollars everyday because they don't invest in the obvious, a crisis and emergency plan. Imagine what can change if business owners took some time, and invested a little bit of money, in learning how to improve current policies and develop new ones?

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