Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four Tips on Business Success.

1. Own your business. I mean this. Don't get into business to be rich! Money is a plus but your business reflects your intentions. If you believe in your products or services, the money will follow.  Be committed to your effort.

2. Don't forget to write a strategic Business Plan that clearly describes your business concept,  your mission and your philosophy of business. Don't hire someone to do this for you or a team of "experts." The best way to really OWN your business is to know your business. Writing the plan yourself will help you solidify what  company stands for.

3. Don't just look for talent, reward talent. Chances are there are several candidates who are qualified to help you run your company. However, what candidates want to help your company grow? Develop a reward system for good employees and clearly communicate it.

4. Review the numbers. Don't just focus on the bottom line, focus on where missed opportunities may be hiding. Run daily sales numbers or measurement reports. Where are the holes? Don't just review how much money is coming in. Review why people are not going with you or what service/product upgrades could be offered.

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