Friday, November 9, 2012

Women Leaders - Why we do it better!

Women may be paid less than men but we are better leaders- that's proven.

According to a recent study at MIT, "Women who achieve most are also women who define success in their own terms and integrate achieving high financial goals with creating a business that reflects their passions. Their businesses provide socially responsible products and services, offer opportunities for employees to thrive, make a positive difference in the community, and simultaneously create personal wealth for the owner."

I believe women are born leaders because we look past numbers and statistics. We care about profit and p&l statements, but we also care about building relationships with our clients and our personnel. 

The next time you, as a woman, are presented with an opportunity try to make a conscious effort to lead. Women "mother" aka LEAD. But we do this on auto-pilot.  The next time an business opportunity comes up (or maybe even a customer challenge) review the situation and your reaction. Jot down notes as to how you handled the situation and what positive lessons came out of it. You will surprise yourself! The key to great leadership is already ingrained in your DNA. 

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