Saturday, November 17, 2012

Manage your company's holiday party!

The holiday season is upon us and many companies are getting ready to have their annual holiday parties. Make sure you follow these tips to ensure a safe and harassment-free holiday event!

1. Don't provide liquor. Many businesses host a holiday event and feel that the guests expect free alcohol. While this may be a part of your employees' expectations, providing liquor at a company party can put you in a position of liable for many reasons. There is NO RULE stating you have to provide or allow liquor to be served at the holiday event. Eliminate the booze. You will save money and protect yourself against various potential legal issues.

2. Send out a dress code memo for the event. Holiday parties allow employees to dress up and show off. Keep them from showing too much off by sending out a dress code memo specifically for the holiday party. Citing "no cleavage" or "ties required" is a good way to avoid a personal event from becoming tooooooo personal.

3. Encourage clean conversation. Chances are your employees are responsible and know how to talk to one another. However, there is always a chance for a bad apple. Get the crowd's conversation started on the right track by asking people to write in the company's guest book. The question in the guest book should read "What's been the most gratifying experience you've had this year?" Not only does this help you understand what aspect of working for your company is appreciated by your employees, it helps set the tone that the party is a work-related event.


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