Thursday, November 15, 2012

Venture Capital - Do you believe in your dream?

So often I hear people say they can't find capital for their business concepts. Why is this? Why are so many other businesses able to find funding yet some people never obtain it? Is it because their business ideas are bad? Probably not. Is it because they are not great at making a solid presentation? Possibly. But, most often people don't obtain funding because they think they can't obtain it. It is true.  If you don't believe in your business idea then no one else will.

When approaching a venture capitalist make sure you are flexible. Even though he or she (or they) may not like your entire concept, they may like one part of it. That one part could turn into your funding. Don't be a all or nothing type of person. Be flexible and have faith in your entire concept and also have faith in your ability to adapt that concept to obtain funding. You can always grown your business and change course later!


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