Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Business Idea.... Now What?

Many business owners go from idea to funding easily. They have it in their blood. That good old entrepreneurial  spirit is there and ready to materialize products and concepts, but what about the administrative software to get you from concept to profit? That's why I am listing the top five software products that can help you go from concept and funding to streamlining your business and growing your profit margins!

** Note, I am NOT paid by any of these companies

1. is a great tool for maintaining your online reputation through a customer service platform!

2. Google Analytics is awesome because it is FREE! With this application you can find out how long people are staying on your site  and see which pages are getting the most traction.

3. Microsoft Corporation This is great if you work from home and use Microsoft for your business, personal, and even the kid's homework needs.

4. This is a great sales application and has everything you need to "grow revenue, boost productivity, and get visibility into your business."

5. AME Payroll This payroll software is great because you can use it for an unlimited number of businesses and  it has an auto-setup wizard. 

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