Friday, November 30, 2012

Tips for weekend productivity!

It is Friday and the weekend is less than 24 hours a way!! But what about productivity? Can you enjoy the weekend and still move business along? I say yes!

Here are my tips on staying in the business loop Friday- Sunday.
1. Make a list on Friday morning of the "to-do" housekeeping objectives for your business. Then, plan on what day during the weekend you will review and work on this list. This way you are not avoiding it or dreading the tasks.

2. Turn off your phone when at family events. It will help you focus on your business tasks / lists during the designated time and balance family or YOU time when not working on the list. You will fee like you are getting "time off."

3. Don't be tempted to work all weekend. Stick to the list and don't take on any other tasks until Monday.

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