Monday, April 15, 2013

Business Manners

There are some pet peeves that I have to address. I have conducted business for 20+ years. With the advancements of technology I have to say that business owners are growing ruder and ruder. I hate having a conversation with someone who is busy checking their phone. How could he or she be folly engaged when they are updating Twitter, Facebook or texting? I'm not alone, either. I have heard horror stories of how customers refused to sign with this or that company because business owners are rude and don't even know when they are breaking protocol- or so it seems.

I've complied a list of my top business manners (or lack there of) pet peeves. If you're doing something on this list- STOP!

#1. You're always on your cell phone. If you are meeting with a client or potential client shut your phone off. There is nothing more important than earning someone's business- it is what keeps your company going. So, if you're on the phone (even in the waiting room of your client's office) it sends a message that they are not as important as playing Angry Birds or pitching your fail-safe. I can promise you customers will love it when you shut the phone down and give them your full attention.

#2. Multi-tasking. I'm not sure who said this was a good thing. It is not. Multi-tasking means you can do many things at a mediocre level. You want to be great. If you're in a meeting about a budget, remain in the meeting about the budget. Don't start writing down notes about your next meeting and concerns you want to address. Be present. Be in the moment.

#3. Learn from past mistakes. We all make them. Don't be a repeat offender. I knew a lady once who would always spend a thousand dollars on Internet marketing every quarter. And every year she would complain how her four thousand dollars is wasted and there is no ROI in sight. The truth is that four thousand dollars are year for Internet marketing is a deal. Either she was using the wrong company on a repeat basis or she wasn't spending the money in the right places- maybe even not spending enough money. The point is learn from your mistakes and adjust accordingly.

I can't take business owners who commit these three manner crimes. It drives me up a wall. There is so much business to be had out there. All you have to do is get off the phone, engage your customers or employees and learn from the past.

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