Thursday, April 4, 2013

How To Lead When Not In Charge!

Here's the problem with people who don't lead. They can't! Born leaders are not sitting around waiting to be told to lead. Born leaders are not sitting on their hands waiting for a fancy title to lead. Born leaders naturally lead, period!

I've heard every excuse in the book why someone's can't lead. There is no such thing as being held back from leading. There is such a thing as choosing not to lead!

My favorite excuse is "not in a leadership position." That's like stating "there's no reason to be kind." There is always a reason to be kind to people and there is always an opportunity to lead. If you're not in a position to make decisions, start acting as if you are. Take initiative, be bold, speak up!

Another great excuse is not having a role model or mentor. Leaders don't need role models or mentors. Leaders don't take advice, they give it. Every time I hear some one state that he or she can't find the role model I quiver. Turning to someone as a way to seek out what your next move is doesn't equate to leadership. In fact, that quality shows just the opposite of leadership. Sure, you always want to seek out other people's opinions. However, seeking an opinion and asking for an answer are two different things.

In business you have to be tough. You have to be self-assured. You have to take the reigns and drive the bus. People are counting on you. So, if you're not in charge but you want to lead- lead. Find a way to take ownership of a project, problem or prospect. Deliver results and you will be recognized for your efforts.

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