Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hotel Safety During A Terrorist Attack

The last couple of days of tested our patience as a Country. We've had to endure the horrible events in Boston. Now, we aren't sure what the cause of the explosion in Texas is a result of. I've dedicated the rest of this week to providing tips on how to stay safe during a disaster and/or terrorist attack.

Today's topic is hotel safety. Most people when traveling, even domestically, feel safe in a hotel. But, what happens if your hotel is attacked or located near a disaster? It is always better to be prepared for an event and not have to use your knowledge then to not be prepared and have an event happen. So, that said, below are my tips for staying safe at a hotel during or after a disaster or terrorist attack.

#1. Consider where you will be staying. Is your hotel located with a region that has been impacted before? The U.S. State Department offers country-specific safety information on its Web site; which is located here:

#2. Before booking the hotel call ahead. Make sure you ask the following questions; Is the front desk is staffed 24 hours a day, are there security guards on the premises and are there are surveillance cameras in the public areas? In areas where terrorism is an issue, are vehicles inspected before coming onto the premises? Is access to guestroom floors restricted to guests only?

#3. Don't accept a ground floor. Rooms booked between floors 3-6 are best because they detour any possible break-ins and are still easily accessed by first responders. Always check, and then walk, the fire route when arriving in your room.

#4. Check the locks of the windows in the room. Make sure windows can open and locks work. If a window is stuck or bolted, ask for a different room. It is important to be able to signal first responders if needed from your room's window.

We all hate discussing these precautions. It is unfortunate that today's culture is susceptible to acts of violence, terrorism and disasters. Again, the more prepared you are- the more you have a chance of survival.

Stay safe out there,


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