Thursday, April 25, 2013

Social Media Tricks

Social media plays a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. Think about the recent tragedy in Boston. When police capture the suspect a press release wasn't the first thing to go out. A Tweet was! Your business' brand depends on a great social media campaign and daily updates. Below are some simply ways to improve how you use social media.

#1. Respond and listen. I recently read this great article by social media God Dave Kerpen. A couple of years ago, when Kerpen went to Vegas, the check-in line at the Aria hotel where he was staying "took forever," he said. So Kerpen did what he does best--took to Twitter, and quickly posted: Waiting on line for 45 minutes at the Aria. Not worth it. #fail

Did he hear anything from the Aria? No. But he did hear from the Rio, a hotel down the street. Within two minutes, the Rio Tweeted back to Kerpen: Sorry you're having a bad experience, Dave. Hope the rest of your time in Vegas goes well. Kerpen didn't switch hotels on that trip, but where do you think he stayed the next time he went to Vegas? The Rio. And he "liked" the Rio on Facebook. And sometime later, a friend going to Vegas saw that Kerpen had "liked" the Rio, so asked if Kerpen would recommend the hotel. His response? "I don't think it's the fanciest, but I know that they listen," Kerpen recalls telling that Facebook friend.Kerpen pointed out that all the Rio did was pay attention to Twitter, and respond with empathy. (source: Allison Fass of

If you're online and you're paying attention, your clients can come from anywhere, especially where other companies are messing up. So become engaged and get involved. Don't just promote yourself online.

#2. Give Everything Away. Ok, not everything. But, if you are trying to establish your brand then giveaways are a great way to engage potential customers and grow your following. People share giveaways online. It only takes a few "Likes" or Retweets to get the social media ball moving.

#3. Don't engage in wars. There are going to be upset clients from time to time. And, they will take to social media to express their anger or disappointment. Don't talk about their issue in a public forum. Instead, invite him or her to provide you with their contact details. Immediately address the person on the phone, find out how to rectify the problem and follow up with a letter.

Social media, as I have said before, is an art. Learn how to navigate your way through it and you will add to your success!

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