Monday, April 29, 2013

The 3 Best Phrases in Business!

Want to be successful in business? Make yourself familiar with the Big 3 when it comes to your vocabulary and use of business phrases. I've personally discovered that the following Big 3 phrases help to close business, keep business and drive business. They truly do work. If you're skeptical, please use them. I'm sure this blog post, and the phrases, will change your mind.

#1. I don't know. Alright, you're thinking I've lost my mind. Telling a client that you don't know something isn't a sign of weakness or your inability. Stating that you don't know the answer, and you have to perform further research, shows you are cautious not to assume things, over promise and under deliver, and that you are an honest person. Clients love honesty. Sure, they may be a little taken back that you don't know something, but in the end stating you don't know something and then delivering a well-researched answer is far better than not knowing and providing misinformation.

#2. I need help. According to Marla Tabaka, "A great entrepreneur surrounds herself with people who know more than she does. Reach out to your army of supporters and save yourself a lot of frustration and time." I couldn't agree more. We all need great support teams cheering us on and helping us on the road to success. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

#3. I apologize. This is freshening, isn't it? If you screw up, speak up. If you screw up and cover up- expect to lose the client. Most of us have a pretty could internal BS meter- and we use it. Don't give someone an excuse as to why something went wrong. Be honest, apologize, move on.

Being in business is about selling yourself more than your product. If you add these Big 3 phrases into your daily vocabulary, chances are you will grow and keep a huge client base.


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