Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Bombs, My Thoughts.

As A Homeland Security expert I have various thoughts on the tragedy that occurred in Boston yesterday. I also, like everyone, have different questions. I can't really get into the logistics of my questions, but watching the media speculate has been interesting. There is a lot of parties involved when a tragedy occurs, like the one in Boston. Various resources have to pull together without warning and work under terrible circumstances. How people pull together can be planned and tested day in and day out, which is primarily what IME does. I've complied a workbook for such events and it is going to be inserted in my upcoming Homeland Security book. In the meantime, here are a few tips for how to handle a tragic event as a member of the public.

What To Do During A Terrorist Attack or Natural Disaster:

Preparation is key. If you are going to a large event try to keep your ears open. Listening for strange sounds, weird chatter, or even an increase in coughing- leave the scene. Also, be aware of where to go. Make a mental note of marked exits and places that could become exits if need be. Make sure you set up an emergency meeting point with your family should you get separated.

Invest early. I know some people who invest in KI (potassium iodide. Although extreme, this isn't that bad of an investment. KI fills up the thyroid with good iodine so your body doesn’t absorb the radioactive iodine, which is needed should there ever be a nuclear event.

Know how to react. If you get trapped in rubble from an explosive device (or natural disaster), don't panic. Make sure to cover your mouth with a piece of clothing to help filter the dust. Do NOT use a lighter since there could be gas leaks! Tap on a pipe or wall so rescuers can hear you. Yelling may cause you to inhale a lot of dust and first responders are trained to listen for tapping and subtle noises.

These basic tips are just the basics. I will be posting more throughout the week so make sure to check back.

Stay safe out there,

Twyla Garrett


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