Friday, April 5, 2013

Doing Business For Free- My Best Suggestions.

The best way to sell a new customer is to give him or her something for free. Yes, I said it. People love free stuff. The trick is knowing what you can give away for free under your marketing budget without breaking the bank. Letting a customer try out a service for free sends a signal that you're self-assured of your products and/or service. It is a great way to grow business too.

Customer experiences build brands or break brands. Which side of the isle do you want to be on? I always tell people starting off in business to let potential clients sample your products or brands. Let's say you sell computers. Sure, you can't give away a computer. However, you can give away a year of free customer service. The same goes for people providing services. Maybe you can't give away a full contract. But you can get creative and give away customer service related options.

Giving away something to potential customers develops relationships. It betters your brand and will, eventually, increase your sales.


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