Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Feeling Negative? Let Me Help!

Business owners and employees can feel negative about their work experiences from time to time. It happens. We all have bad days or run ins with people that sour our attitudes. Bouncing back from feelings of negativity is a necessity when it comes to being successful. The first thing you want to do is always address why you're feeling negative. What are the circumstances surrounding your mood? Are you just feeling negative or is there fear involved? Fear is often involved if you feel your status within the company has been threatened or that your business is in jeopardy.

After addressing the situation take a walk. Walking will clear your head and allow you to think about the severity of what is going on with your emotions and within the company. Are your assumptions and fears right? Can you really not stand THAT person? A little perspective can go a long way before a call to action is required.

Negativity also stems from feeling rejected or experiencing anger. Perhaps you pitched a proposal to a client or boss that was shot down. You might feel negative because you feel rejected. Or, maybe an undeserving competitor or coworker got what was to be your account. You might feel very angry and also negative. Regardless as to what happened, immediate reactions can be detrimental to your reputation. Don't let feeling negative ruin your reputation.

Twenty percent of your work generally produces 80 percent of your results! You need to stay focused and, again, gain perspective on your feelings and why you feel that way. If you need to take an hour to walk it off, or a mental health day- do so! Whatever you do, don't react when feeling fueled with negative feelings- it will only escalate a situation.

Stay as positive as possible and remember to focus on the 20% of work that produces 80% of results. Keep your eye on the prize!


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