Monday, April 1, 2013

Make An Impact- Websites that Work!

A website is a huge financial investment for any company. Before you commit, there is a website out there that will tell you if the website is going to work or not- even before it is launched! And the best part is that it is free!

I love FiveSecondTest. You can access the site by clicking here.
What this website does is analyze your to-be launched or live website within five seconds. Here is how it works; You upload a screenshot or mockup of your page, app, etc. to the website. Next, you pre-load a few questions for testers to answer. Testers have five seconds to view your image and must then answer the questions you have set. The website, FiveSecondTest, collects all of the responses for you, extracts the frequent keywords and then presents the data with easy-to-understand graphs. That's it.

Market analysis is done for you, you have honest answers and you know if you need to head back to the drawing board with your website or if you are golden. Again, this is huge for businesses because it means the difference between engaging a client and being looked over on Google!

Do you have a favorite free website that can help other businesses? Please share it with me so I can post it for the world.


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