Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Free Underwear!

For today’s Homeland Security blog, I want to share an article courtesy of the Houston Press. Today, the newspaper had this to say, “If you're in the underwear-selling business, you've got a customer in the Department of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security is looking to buy thousands of pairs of men's, from size medium to 6X-large. (Who knew such a size existed?)

A solicitation posted earlier this month by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement explains that the department is looking to buy 3,500 pairs of men's underwear. The order is to be sent to El Paso.

As seen on CBS' website, Breitbart reported ICE has recently had an influx of detained immigrants awaiting deportation.

In the event you've got a couple hundred pairs of medium tighty whiteys around that you think you could sell to Homeland Security, the solicitation says "no partial shipments are permitted unless specifically authorized at the time of award." Darn.”

While the story is entertaining, the issue itself is no joke. People often don’t realize how expensive it is to house (repeatedly) those who enter this country illegally. Everything from food and shelter to underwear and flip flops costs money, and we are sustaining these expenses. It is even more irritating when you consider the now thousands of veterans who are not receiving proper care of benefits. Where is the boundary line?

So, on the Wednesday, I encourage you to do more research on where you stand on the issue of illegal immigration and the true cost it has on our country. Do you agree with how much and how we spend these funds? Do you feel like speaking up at a Town Hall meeting? Think about how you can help change the many issues- on both sides of the argument- associated with spending money to sustain illegal immigrants.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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