Monday, June 30, 2014

Public Speaking – Top 3 Tips of All Time!

I speak at many professional conferences and I do different media interviews. Did I take an advanced course in public speaking? No! Am I now comfortable with this task? Yes. However, this wasn’t a born gift or something I loved doing right out of the gate, it took lots of practice.

Tonight, I want to share my top 3 tops for public speaking. I hope you enjoy them.

#1. Cortisol is secreted by your adrenal glands when you’re anxious or stressed. So, how do you get rid of it? Exercise. That’s right, go for a walk or do sit ups about 20 minutes before you have to deliver a speech or a presentation and the anxiety will almost be non-existent.

#2. Set up a goal for the speech. Don’t just think of yourself as delivering a speech. Think about the ROI from the speech- either for you or your company. Next, set up a goal and work throughout the presentation or speech to reach this goal.

#3. Don’t read your slides! People will scan your slides. They don’t want any slides read to them. You are to present and speak to the people, recycling the information in the slide into something that connects with the audience. Simply reading a slide is boring and you will bore the audience.

I’m confident these tips will help you get through your next speech or presentation.

Until next time,
Twyla N. Garrett

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