Thursday, June 26, 2014

Inspiring Team Work

It isn’t easy to get a group to start moving when it comes to work. Everyone usually stares at one another wondering who is going to be the project manager, which is a dreaded position since The Apprentice television show debuted.

Well, no longer do you (or your group) have to worry about team work or group projects. I have some amazing tips to scale massive projects as a group and eliminate in-fighting, etc.

1. Text message everyone the goal. Have them all respond with ‘I Understand and will work towards it.’ Sounds silly? First, you are eliminating any confusion as to what the goal is (yes, people will have to check this as they get deeper in) and 2) you are holding them accountable by asking them to reply. Now, they own the task with the group as their name and number is on a text stating they understand and will work towards the goal. They can’t be lazy and then place blame on the project manager- period!

2. Don’t rely on people to self-assign tasks. Instead, stand up and ask who wants to assign the tasks. If no one, you do it. And assign the tasks with a deadline date and a check-in date. Next, assign yourself two additional check-in dates. I promise you this process works.

3. Encourage people to take risks. If someone else is the project manager, do this on a personal level. Tell everyone they are going to do a great job in a personal way and get them passionate about the project by talking specifically about how their role will make the project glow!

Let me know how this works out for you and your group next time you have to work as a team.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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