Friday, June 27, 2014

Two of the Worst Employees – Ever

It is costly to replace a bad employee. Thus, many employers try to use corrective tools and training to offset employee issues. Well, this doesn’t always work. There are two types of employees that will not mold into honorable staff members simply because of personality traits.

The first is the social butterfly. This person is the talker in the group. He or she spends 20 minutes stopping by offices to chat when he or she should be working. Next up, lunch and then the walk back from lunch and then a stop in the bathroom to chat up someone else…. Their work hours are minimal even though they are at the office 8 hours a day.

The second is the TMI employee, yes- as in too much information. This person (sometimes often the same as the social butterfly) brings drama into the office and creates distraction for other employees from goals, work and even customer service. This type of employee thrives on sharing intimate details from personal life, the juicier the better. Not only are they unproductive, the information they share can make others uncomfortable and but you at legal risk!

If you have employees like the ones noted above- start with corrective action and speak with your legal team about their exit strategy.

Until Monday,

Twyla N. Garrett

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