Tuesday, June 10, 2014

3 Companies You Can Start for Under $4k

Someone once told me it takes money to make money. Well, yes- sometimes this is true. However, there are countless million dollar companies that started off as bootstrap businesses- sometime only on a hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars.

I wanted to share my thoughts on three types of businesses you can start right now without spending more than four grand.

No.1: An expert witness company. Imagine being paid for your opinion and insight. Well, this company makes money doing just this! If you have an expertise that could be useful in legal cases, you can market yourself to attorneys to act as an expert witness.

No. 2: Personal concierge company. If you are big on details, high-end shopping and are not afraid to work alongside CEOs and celebrities- this business platform is a great option. The most likely clients for a personal concierge service are top executives who find themselves at the office by 7 a.m. and are there most nights until 9 p.m., leaving them very little time to do all those things that often need to be done during those very hours, which is where your company comes in!

No. 3: Graffiti removal. Perfect for large cities and you can obtain both personal clients and even government ones, too. Create an arsenal of cleaning products that can clean almost every kind of product (paint, chalk, markers) from every kind of surface (cement, wood, pavement). The best way to conduct a graffiti service is to offer a subscription-like arrangement. Once a month or whatever interval makes sense for your clients, go around to their property and clean off the graffiti.

I don’t think you need more than a grant to start any one of the above companies, but if you can start off with more money as part of an ad campaign- the better!

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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